Welcome Back

FIRST GENERAL MEETING FOR ALL NEW & RETURNING MEMBERS will be THURSDAY 9/6 12:30 in room TBA (we will post a sign on the studio door directing you to to an available classroom for the meeting). Welcome to everyone! If you know you want to join, but cannot attend, please let us know! At the first meeting, you will be briefed on the station and how we operate, set up a training schedule (if you have

 been off the air for more than 1 semester, you will need re-training!), and sign up for available time slots. We *do* ask returning members to be flexible with their hours, as we are also accommodating the COM 102 class this semester. HOWEVER, if you would like to hop on the air and do a shift prior to 9/6, please feel free to jump on and be courteous of others who would like to as well, until we get the formal schedule in place ;)

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