Uproar Invades Darien Lake

Joseph Shepard-Darien Center, NY

Wednesday’s Rockstar Uproar Festival 2012, at  the Darien Lake Performing Arts Center, was to be seen as a complete success on the music end of things even though there were a few names missing from the show both at the Ernie Ball and Main Stages (Fozzy, Thousand Foot Krutch and Papa Roach respectably.)

The bands that kicked off were the BOTB winner, Mindset Evolution, Redlight Kings, and Candlelight Red. However things didn’t get kicked into high gear until In This Moment came to the stage fronted by the beautiful Maria Brink, who sure as hell knows how to shake the crowd awake with the song “Blazin”. They got the people up in the air (literally), but unfortunately for as heavy as the band was and how riled up the crowd got there was no moshing to be seen. Next, Deuce came up with West Coast style Rap Metal songs such as “I Came To Party”, which seemed to be good for a portion of the crowd, however it seemed that In This Moment took a lot out of the crowd. Then the headliner for the Ernie Ball Stage P.O.D came out, and the crowd exploded, playing some of their most popular hits such as “Alive” and “Youth of the Nation” as well as new songs like “Lost in Forever”.

The Main Stage was kicked off by Adelita’s Way performing “The Collapse” and riling up the crowd by telling them all to move closer and telling them “to get ******* crazy”. They thanked the crowd for coming out after ending with “Invincible”. At this point there was about a 15-20 minute intermission for Staind which became standard throughout the rest of the show. Staind opened the set with “Eyes Wide Open”  while showing little interest in the audience and transitioning into their popular hits like “It’s Been Awhile” and “Outside” but skipping “So Far Away”. The set ended with Aaron Lewis lighting a cigarette for a cheap pop and singing “Something to Remind You”. Godsmack was up next and this is when it seemed to get intense. Opening with heavy tracks like “The Enemy” and “Cryin’ Like a Bitch” and then into their famous “Batalla De Los Tombores”. Sully Erna, front man,  then decided to offer up some drinks to the crowd by playing catch with red solo cups. After they had played the crowd they then continued with their hit “I Stand Alone”.  At 9:50pm the headlining Shinedown took the stage by opening with “Sound of Madness” and their new hit “Enemies” before slowing it down “for the ladies” with “If You Only Knew”. They then decided to take it up again and play “Devour” with Brent Smith bringing out Maria Brink from In This Moment to join him. They then disappeared from the stage and Brent Smith and Zach Myers snuck to the middle of the crowd to perform “Simple Man” and halfway through  the song Smith decided to sing half the song to a little boy in the audience. They finished with “Second Chance” before returning to their roots with “Fly from The Inside” The show ended with a fireworks display while the boys thanked the crowd for coming out.

In all the show seemed like an absolute success and out of a five star rating  I would give it 4 ½. Only due to the lesser knowns and Staind not showing much enthusiasm.

Aside from the music end of things Rockstar was very accommodating to all the concert goers, handing out free Rockstar Energy drinks for anyone who was thirsty a nice relief from the five dollar bottles of water. The festival also allowed everyone to meet their favorite bands or get a piece of merchandise at a reasonable price.

Editors note: Thank you to Rockstar Energy and Kristine at AM Media for the accommodations to allow WGCC FM to cover this wonderful event.