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Alumni | 90.7FM The Music Alumni – 90.7FM The Music


Josh Dallas-Rock Your Socks with Josh

Steven Petty- The Morning Show

Joan Noble-New Game+-Facebook

Jordan Taylor- PROject: INDIEpendent-Facebook

Bobby Guzik and Leandro Pereira- Live With Leo and Bobby

Timothy Duboy-MCR Dance

Justin Welliver and Sean Somerville-2nd and Long-Facebook

Eric Hammerschmidt-On Air

Andy Dowd

Cody Herman

Ted Johnson

Ben Liebrand

Ben Nowak

Jim Blanchard

Burt Mault

Dan DelPlato

Kristy Ambrose

CJ Ferraro

Brian Sprague

Julie O’Connor

Steven Wright

Celina Bryan-The Mix It Up Hour

Cameron Marsh

Anthony Timberlake

Carrie Dylag

Dee Thompson

Kylie Conklin

Justin Smith

John Blevins

Pete Soscia

Justin Braun

Mike Dennies

Bryan Gilbraith

Erin Guest

Amber Gonzales

Casey Hume

Jon Koch

Jordan Mufford

Josh Pallidino

Jon Reddy

Phil Ricci

Charles Sisnett

Chelsea Beardsley

Kayleigh Tate

Steve Keicher

Tia Kennedy-Happy Hour with Tia and Leo

Andy Hagen

Jordan Henry

Laurel Brick

Tim Meiney

Holden Case

Steve Callara

Crystal Ray

Meg Gadbois

2 thoughts on “Alumni

Jason Reese

Homecoming weekend here at Genesee Community College. Jason Reese, Class of 88 here. Check me out 12:00pm-1:00pm 9/27/2014 on the music fm. Then continue to listen throughout the day.

Thomas Lyon

You forgot meeee! Tom Lyon – “Tom’s Top Ten Techno Tunes at Two on Tuesday” (2pm-3pm Tuesdays 2001,) and “The Scavanger Show” (M-F, 4p-10p, 2001) We used to have listeners find items throughout campus and the Batavia area and bring it to the studio for fabulous prizes from the infamous “prize box.” Good times. I miss it.

Thanks, guys!


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