Technical Information

Station Status Licensed Class A Non-Commercial FM Station
Effective Radiated Power 880 Watts
Height above Avg. Terrain 50 meters (164 feet)
Height above Ground Level 31 meters (102 feet)
Height above Sea Level 304 meters (997 feet)
Antenna Pattern Non-Directional
Transmitter Location 43° 01′ 03″ N, 78° 08′ 18″ W
License Granted March 20 1995
License Expires June 01 2014
Last FCC Update March 20 1995

2 thoughts on “Technical Information

  1. Hello, i was looking at the Alumni list and my name is misspelled and the show i had is not listed. its spelled Celina Bryan and my show was The mix it up Hour. thank you!

  2. The company I work for might wish to advertise on your radio station. I can be contacted at the email provided.

    Thank you.

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